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Total Raised

$2,645,000 Raised - Goal $4,000,000

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Your Bridge To The Future

Certik KYC

Dev Wallet Locked for 3 Years

Ownership Renounced

Aggressive Roadmap

P2E Strategy-Gaming

Blockchain Technology


MetaGoblin NFT 10K Collection

MetaRoyals NFT Development

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Reality is limited only by your imagination.

What is MBLZ Token?

MetaBlaze is a blockchain-based gaming company merging elements of both GameFi and DeFi to create a synergistic ecosystem comprised of popular web 3 technologies. The play-to-earn game will boast top-notch 3D graphics, exclusive content, and a universe full of new worlds to conquer in Player-vs-Player battles. Face-off with mystical creatures in an engaging RPG, battling to control stunning metaverse worlds. As sales of Virtual Real Estate in the Metaverse rocket to never-before-seen highs, MetaBlaze will take on a vital role in this movement by including property ownership as one element of its game strategy; virtual lands are available to buy, rent, sell, or tax within its gaming Metaverse

The MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) will serve as the native currency within the Play-to-Earn gaming Metaverse. The MBLZ Token is built on the Binance Smart Chain, with an upcoming version set to launch on the Ethereum Blockchain at the end of 2022. MBLZ is a deflationary token by design and will burn up to 48% of the supply.

Differentiating MetaBlaze is its multifaceted ecosystem equipped with a wide array of value-added utilities. These utilities are designed to work in tandem with one another, providing continuous revenue to the MetaBlaze economy. The strategically designed ecosystem maximizes usability for gamers, non-gamers, and aids in the development of a robust foundation required to optimize scalability, long-term sustainability, and increase the value of MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ).

Features of The METABLAZE Ecosystem

Developing a Foundation to Support and Sustain Meta Massive Expansion

Blockchain technology; jumping into the metaverse with a seismic bang.
Collect tokenized assets (NFTs) and track them in your own BLAZEVAULT.
Choose any BEP20 token as your reward by connecting to our BLAZEdApp.
The reward-building hub of our entire ecosystem.

$MBLZ Token Features

Deflationary Token
Minimum Burn: 48%
Passive Income
Active Rewards
Earn More Rewards in our BLAZIVERSE
AI Driven Price Stabilization
Auto Buyback Mechanism


MBLZ Token Offering


Feb 22, 2022
Number of Tokens for Sale
19,320,000,000 (4.6%)
Mar 26, 2022
Token Exchange Rate
1 MBLZ = $0.00007764 USD
Accepted Currencies
BNB, BTC, ETH, more…
Minimum & Maximum Transaction Amounts
$250 to $100,000


Apr 20, 2022
Number of tokens for sale
22,680,000,000 (5.4%)
Token Exchange Rate
1 MBLZ = Round 1 = $0.000085, Round 2 = $0.000095, Round 3 = 0.00015069
Accepted Currencies
BNB, BTC, ETH, more…
Minimum & Maximum Transaction Amounts
$50 to $100,000


Q4 2021

  • Idea Development
  • Team Formation
  • Conceptualization Business Plan Formation
  • Extensive Research of Metaverse
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Legal Research & Consulting
  • Branding & Narrative
  • White Paper Development
  • Launchpad Design and Development
  • Begin Advertising on Social Platforms

Q1 2022

  • Build Launchpad
  • Create Token Smart Contract
  • Marketing for Presale Phase One
  • Presale One Complete
  • Certik Audit Complete

Q2 2022

  • Create NFT Smart Contract
  • Exclusive NFT Collection Goblins Sale (Ongoing)
  • Presale Phase Two (3 Rounds)

Q3 2022

  • Website v2
  • Add Liquidity to PancakeSwap
  • Lock Liquidity
  • $MBLZ Token Launch on PancakeSwap
  • Lock Team Wallet for 3 Years
  • Renounce Ownership of Token Smart Contract
  • Blazing Event-Initial Burn
  • Release BLAZEdApp
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Begin Major Marketing Effort
  • Collection (Elves)
  • Deploy ERC20 Token on Uniswap
  • Create BSC-ERC Bridge
  • Announce Upcoming Game

Q4 2022

  • NFT Collection (Orcs)
  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • List to Major CEX

Q1 2023

  • NFT Marketplace Launch
  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • Blockchain (BLAZECHAIN) Launch
  • Announce New Interactive Game
  • Alpha Test Game (PC Based)

Q2 2023

  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • The BLAZESWAP (Exchange Market)

Q3 2023

  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • Major Influencer Marketing Push

Q4 2023

  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • BLAZECHAIN Expansion
  • Partnership with a Major Gaming Company for _____ Project

Our Team

The METABLAZE Team is built on honesty and transparency, merging a passion for crypto and industry expertise with a proven track record in finance, software development, marketing, and partnerships.


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Frequently Asked Questions


During our presale phase, you can purchase your MBLZ tokens directly from our website. After we launch to the general public, you will be able to purchase tokens on PancakeSwap.

Make sure that you are visiting METABLAZE official social media channels and are only using our official links. There are many scammers out there, desperately trying to take your funds by sharing fraudulent links.

First, please check your spam or junk folders for your email address. If you still can’t find your confirmation email, please contact us at [email protected], and include your BSC wallet address or your transaction hash.

METABLAZE is in process for having smart contracts being audited by Certik. We will update this information here when the process has begun.

By launching to a DEX, we will have immediate token liquidity because we will be using a portion of the funds raised during the presale. By providing adequate liquidity, you will have lower gas fees and avoid a high slippage percentage.

During the presale phase, your purchase is held in our escrow wallet. We will be using this funding as shown in our presale allocation distribution chart in our Whitepaper, and on our website. From time to time, our team will convert your contributions into fiat in order to pay for our developers, marketing effort, accounting and legal, and more.

We will add liquidity and launch our tokens on PancakeSwap immediately upon completion of the presale phases.

METABLAZE is committed to full transparency, honesty, and open dialogue. We will not be locking up your tokens, will not require vesting before you receive them, and will give you what you paid for. We will not be changing the rules outside of our Whitepaper. What you see is what you get with METABLAZE.


A Presale Token Offering is a way for you to purchase your tokens earlier than the general public. In exchange for your purchase, you will receive our tokens in the form of an airdrop directly to your wallet. Those that choose to wait until we have launched on PancakeSwap will receive their tokens immediately, but they will have to pay both a 10% “Buy Tax” on their purchase as well as Smart Chain gas fees

By purchasing the right to receive $MBLZ tokens prior to our launch on PancakeSwap, you will be rewarded with a discounted price per token and bonus $MBLZ tokens. The earlier you make your purchase, the more tokens you will receive at our launch. Even better, you won’t have to be charged a 10% Buy Tax on your purchase. Finally, higher dollar Presale Phase One customers will also receive exclusive MetaRoyal’s Club NFTs. Buying early really adds up!

There are two phases: Presale Phase One and Presale Phase Two (3 Rounds). To participate in the Presale Phase One, we require an investment level of $250 – $100,000. We expect this phase to last about a month. The Presale Phase Two will begin a few weeks later, and this phase will consist of three (3) rounds until cap is reached.

You can purchase your tokens by sending Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB).

As soon as the entire presale is completed, we will airdrop your tokens to your designated BSC wallet. Every move we make can be tracked though the blockchain.

During the Presale Phase One, you can purchase from $250 – $100,000 in a single transaction. During the Presale Phase Two (10 rounds), you will be able to purchase $50 – $100,000 in a single transaction.

METABLAZE is allocating only 10% of our total token supply to the presale. We do not want to create a situation where someone holds a majority of the tokens, thus being able to influence the price.

As soon as the entire presale is completed, we will airdrop your tokens to your designated BSC wallet. Every move we make can be tracked through the blockchain


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